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Essays and Journalism

Meehan, C., Levy, B., & Collet-Gildard, L. (2018, October 22). How have textbooks portrayed climate change? The Conversation.

Peer-Reviewed Publications


Meehan, C.  (forthcoming, 2022). Joyful climate work: The power of play in a time of worry and fear. In S. Ray and J. Atkinson (Eds.) An Existential Toolkit for Climate Justice Educators. Oakland, CA: UC Press.


Meehan, C.  (2022). What’s happening here and what should we do about it? Using inquiry to understand and respond to global climate change.  In Bethany Vosburg-Bluem, Margaret Crocco, and Jeff Passe, (Eds.), Teaching Environmental Issues in Social Studies: Education for Civic Sustainability in the 21st Century, NCSS E-Bulletin 1. Silver Spring, MD: National Council for the Social Studies.

Meehan CR, Levy BLM, Collet‐Gildard, L. (2018). Global climate change in U.S. high school curricula: Portrayals of the causes, consequences, and potential responses. Science Education,102, 498–528.

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