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Speaking and workshops

I speak to all types of groups, from students to business leaders to nuns about the climate crisis and sustainability. I also lead workshops that help people understand how they can authentically take joyful climate action in the context of their own lives.

TEDx Salon Series advertisement

SPEAKER | TEDxUWLaCrosse Salon Series​



FACILITATOR | Driftless Sustainability in Education ​Project workshop



SPEAKER | Coulee Region Climate Change Stories​


4/19/2022  SPEAKER  |  Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations leadership development meeting - Telling the whole story: Sustainability at 

                                                 Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

4/13/2022  SPEAKER  |  Coulee Region Volunteer Coordinators monthly meeting - What's your story? Connecting the dots to


6/17/2021  FACILITATOR  |  Virtual Sustainability Curriculum Colloquium - Joyful learning: Using playful pedagogy to address our                                                                     most pressing sustainability problems. 

4/21/2021  SPEAKER  |  Interfaith Leaders Coalition Community Conversation Series, La Crosse - Climate change: Current trends and                                                   what we can do about it. 


4/1/2021 PRESENTER  |  US Play Coalition 2021 Virtual Conference -  Play like our world depends on it: Using playfulness to engage                                                         others in the climate emergency

11/6/2020  PRESENTER  |  Professors at Play virtual Playposium - Playing with fire: Framing principles of a playful pedagogy for                                                                     teaching
and learning about serious things.


10/21/2020 PRESENTER  |  Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education - The union of the preposterous: Playfully

                                                         engaging with climate change.

11/06/2019  HOST  |  4th Annual Community Resilience Symposium, La Crosse

04/15/2019  SPEAKER  |  Monday Mornings at Main Speaker Series - Climate change in the Driftless: What is happening and what can

                                                    we do about it? 

11/07/2018  HOST  |  3rd Annual Community Resilience Symposium, La Crosse 

02/06/2018  PANELIST  |  Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit, Tempe, AZ - Campuses role-modeling and preparing

                                                    students for a just and sustainable economy

06/03/2017  KEYNOTE  |  Regional Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Conference, La Crosse - The octopus in the parking garage:

                                                    Rethinking how we think about and respond to global climate change

04/08/2013  PANELIST  |  Reaching day zero: Living sustainably at Bowdoin and beyond  (Brunswick, ME)

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