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Meet Casey Meehan, PhD.

Feelings of despair and anxiety about the climate crisis are normal, valid, even helpful. However, to stop there fails to recognize the full range of human emotions we need to tap into if we are to envision and collectively create the thriving, regenerative world we all want.   


I'm a climate engagement expert, director of sustainability, not-for profit leader, helping people harness the power of joy and playfulness to act on the climate crisis.

Casey R. Meehan

Playful climate action is a way of renewing our planet and ourselves by engaging with the climate crisis in a way that embraces the delight, wonder, surprise and abundance inherent in our world.

-Casey Meehan

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...if we want to make it safely and sanely through all the changes coming our way, we're going to need to come out and play. 

- Bernie DeKoven

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Wisconsin Public Radio |  8.28.2020 

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